Issue N° 1 Putnam Rolling Ladder

Here is a great feature on Joseph, a ladder maker for Putnam Rolling Ladder Co. featured in Issue #1. The video is a collaboration with FlaureTV. Click here to check it out.

November 19, 2012


Issue N° 1 We're Open for Business!

Our web shop is up! Place your order for issue #1 now!

September 14, 2012


Issue N° 1 Vic Davi Promo

Here is a 2-minute, behind-the-scenes look at Vic Davi, an automechanic in New Jersey featured in our first issue! Check it out here. Video by the talented Chuck Astuto.

June 22, 2012


Issue N° 1 Is Funded!

Thank you everyone for supporting DAY JOB and helping us spread the word about the project over the past month. With around 40 hours to go, we met our funding goal of $15,000! It's been an exciting month—handing out newspapers, contacting blogs, and just generally annoying people on Facebook and Twitter. We're so excited to finish up issue #1 and send it off to print so we can share it with all of you.

May 22, 2012


Issue N° 1 Featured on The Fox is Black

The DAY JOB Issue #0 promo paper was featured on a great art and design blog called The Fox is Black along with a few of our other favorite magazines! Check it out here.

May 4, 2012


Issue N° 1 Kickstarter Promo Paper

Our 12-page promotional newspaper for issue #1 has arrived! We will be handing these out in New York over the next couple of weeks. Also, everyone that backs us on Kickstarter will get a free copy as well!

April 21, 2012


Issue N° 1 Kickstarter!

We've just just launched our Kickstarter for issue #1! Check it out here and help us spread the word!

April 18, 2012


Issue N° 1 Sneak Preview — Samir Sayegh

Day Job contributor Rania Dalloul met with Lebanese calligrapher, Samir Sayegh, at his atelier to discuss calligraphy's ability to capture the letterform, not as it's pronounced, but as it is observed. Photograph by Natalie Naccache.

April 13, 2012


Issue N° 1 Sneak Preview — New York Street Food

Here is a photo by Rob Kulisek from a piece on New York City street food vendors. He and writer Kristen Scharold spent a day walking around Manhattan speaking to vendors about how they got the job, what they like about it, and where they store their carts at night.

April 12, 2012